Places you need to visit in Greece this summer

Greece is one of the hotbeds for tourism during the summer. Everyone wants a taste of the cool blue sandy beaches during the extreme summer solar. Years after years, the Greek continue to bring in tourism profits as the number of tourists continue to grow.

Here are some places you should visit during your holiday in Greece


It is the capital of Greece and has emerged to be a great destination for tourists. This is probably the first city and tourist destination you will see when you arrive to Greece. Many people choose to spend most of their time in Athens because it has endless number of tourist activities and destinations. If you choose to do this, you may lose out on the fun other places have to offer.  If you have a couple days in Athens, you can choose to spend them in ancient Agora, the national archaeological museum and acropolis.

Lake Vouliagmeni

Your next destination should be to the mysterious lake, Vouliagmeni. It is located only 15 miles from the city of Athens. Generally, it is a mesmerizing lake that was formed from an underwater spring. The spring let loose, causing a great roof collapse to form a natural swimming pool. This extra ordinary lake is the perfect tourist destination for families. You get to swim in the surreal lake and enjoy its healing powers.

The milos islands

Milos island is very famous for the Venus de Milos statue. The thing is, the tatue is not even there in the first place. So what makes this island so special? This is where the Greek go for getaways and honeymoons. This island is originally volcanic, which makes it a famous tourist attraction. It has beautiful white sandy beaches and a surreal while landscape.


I know, there are great beaches everywhere but if you are looking for the perfect beach then Paros is the one. Here, you get to enjoy a glamorous holiday with great food and nice sandy beaches. The gag is, you won’t even have to spend so much money to enjoy yourself while you are on this island. The Paros is located the south next to the famous myokonos. Paros is a vacation favourite for the locals so you get to enjoy the summer while you intermingle with them. The town of Naoussa, which is in Paros, is the perfect destination for seafood lovers. 


Crete is a popular destination for Europeans. They go to the islands for the beach water and the long summer weather. It is the biggest island in Greek and still, the most spectacular for Tourists.  Mountains and terrains in Crete make it hard to navigate but you will get used to it. There are some pretty interesting cities in the north of this island. The architecture of the place makes it a perfect tourist destination


Attica is the region surrounding Athens. It would be a very huge mistake to think that there are no interesting features in this location. You will find most locals around the Attica peninsula for a beach holiday. The beach view in this location is perfect. This is a popular tourist destination for people who want to keep a low profile and still enjoy the vacation.