About us

With endless coastline, famous islands and thrill-seeking activity, Greece is now the popular destination to the travelers all over the world. To make your trip more comfortable and entertaining, we have created this unique platform. At Pelionet, we welcome passionate travelers to hunt for the best Greece hotels and holiday package. Our aim is to make your vacation memorable.

Established in the year, 2005, we have started this business with a group of travel industry professionals. We try to help you in finding the tailor-made Greece holiday packages. We have made the best efforts to make our platform more interactive. Our dream is to turn our site into a user-friendly hotel-booking engine.

Why to choose Pelionet

  • Incomparable service

Our professional team always focuses on every detail of the Greece hotels and holiday packages. We are also able to give you real-time updates on the latest hotel offers. Our award-winning service has enabled us to gain a prestigious position in the industry.

  • Elegant and graceful care

Our team always ensures a responsible trip. Our global partnership helps us to care for the travelers, who are going to land in Greece.

  • Booking confidently

We have created a secured website that never causes concern to the travelers, reserving their hotel.

Our team is our resource

We are not just a group of mere of sales-focused team. All our professionals have one common trait- love for travel. While you speak to our team, you can tap into the world of knowledge. We have used our ears and eyes to have a good insight into Greek culture and special opportunities for the travelers.


  • To give high priority to the hospitality
  • To ensure pleasing sensation


  • To uphold our reputation in future
  • To continue applying the best standards for our service

To know more about our company and our team members, you can contact us.