What to wear while on holiday in Greece – a packing guide

You can’t argue that the Greek islands are one of the best places to spend summer. The easy part about setting yourself up for a vacation is choosing the destination and booking the tickets. The hard part includes packing. The islands of Greece are beautiful, historic and rich in culture.  If it is your first time travelling to the beautiful island, you might het two or three things wrong. This guide will help you pack the right clothes for the holiday.


You will probably need a pair of sandals to walk through the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean.  If your back is too full, you can choose to leave this out and buy some while you are there.  A comfortable pair of sandals is very crucial because there will be a lot of walking involved. If you are not in the sandy beaches, walking around with sandals can be a bit awkward. A pair of boots is the last thing you would think of taking with you to the Greek islands, but they are completely beneficial. The great thing about boots is that you can wear them with anything and create a causal outfit.


The first piece of outfit you will need for Greece is a classic t-shirt. I suggest that you stick to simple and basic colors. V and round necks are perfect for this occasion; they are stylish yet easy to manage while you are on holiday.

The dress should generally be more casual, because you are going for a holiday. You do not need to dress up in order to fit in with the people. Casual clothes will have you looking relaxed and cool for the occasion. Loose pants will be perfect for all the travelling and the summer heat in Greece. They are ideal for beach destinations in conservative areas. If you do not plan on swimming on particular days, you can wear then to the beach.

 A bathing suit is as important as a t-shirt and pants during your holiday. For those who are looking to swim, you need a stylish and comfortable swimwear.  Travel with a minimum of two different swimsuits to make things convenient for you.

Other accessories

It does not matter if you are planning to swim or not, you need to carry a beach bag. You can use it to carry an extra pair of sandals, a towel, sunscreen, some snacks and many other things. a classic bag or tote is a great beach bag option.  Do not forget to throw in some SPF in your packing bag. You may think it will be easier to buy one while you are ahead, but you never know.

Final word

A warm fleece is also an essential for the cold days.  Sometimes, it gets too cold at night which may hinder the perfect evening walks on the beautiful sands.  Other outfits you should include in your travel bag include a tank top, a simple summer dress, skirt, simple trousers, evening dress, sundress blouse and a hat.